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Emergency Contraception: What’s The Morning-After Pill?

by on November 1, 2016

Emergency Contraception: What’s The Morning-After Pill?

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You will find occasions where the requirement for emergency contraception is essential, and you will find several safe, reliable possibilities to women today.

Ways of emergency contraception range from the morning-after pill and insertion of the ParaGard intrauterine device (IUD).

These techniques may be used within 120 hrs (five days) of unprotected sex, including failing to remember to utilize a primary approach to contraception, condom breakage or slippage, failure to make use of withdrawal method effectively or perhaps in installments of forced unprotected vaginal sexual intercourse.1,2

What’s the morning-after pill?

The morning-after pill functions by stopping ovulation (when an egg is released in the ovary), blocking fertilization of the egg or inhibiting implantation of the fertilized egg.1,2

A single pill in a blister pack.

Morning-after pills may be used as much as five days after unprotected sex, with respect to the kind of pill.

As it can certainly require 6 days for fertilization to happen, the morning-after pill may be used as much as 120 hrs (five days) after unprotected sex, with respect to the kind of pill. There’s two kinds of pill available levonorgestrel pills and ulipristal acetate pills.1

Morning-after pills that contains levonorgestrel for example Plan B One-Step and then Choice One Dose come with an 89% effectiveness rate when taken within 72 hrs (three days) following unprotected sexual intercourse. These pills may also be adopted to 120 hrs after sexual intercourse, however, although having a lower effectiveness rate.1

The pill ella (ulipristal acetate) provides 85% effectiveness in lessening the chance of pregnancy when it’s taken within 120 hrs of unprotected sexual intercourse.1

You should observe that the morning-after pill won’t result in a lady with an abortion and won’t shield you if there’s unprotected sex soon after using the pill. Normal ways of contraception ought to be initiated or started again.1,2

Newer studies suggest that pills that contains the hormone levonorgestrel don’t prevent implantation. It is a puzzle, however, if ulipristal acetate has this effect.2

Which morning-after pill must i use?

Pills for example Plan B One-Step and then Choice One Dose, that have the hormone levonorgestrel, might be less efficient in overweight women understood to be individuals having a bmi (Body mass index) more than 25.1 Of these women, the pill ella or perhaps an IUD (see below) may well be a more efficient option.1 However, ella loses its effectiveness in females having a Body mass index more than 35.1

Plan B One-Step and then Choice One Dose can be found over-the-counter without age limitation, although there are several brands having a two-dose way in which need a prescription for ladies 16 and more youthful.1,2 The pill ella needs a prescription in most conditions.1,2 These pills range in cost from $30 to $65.

With respect to the make of contraception, a ladies routine contraception pill can often be utilized as emergency contraception underneath the direction of a physician.1

Negative effects from the morning-after pill

As the morning-after pill offers women a secure choice to prevent pregnancy, it will possess some disadvantages, including mild negative effects with no protection against sexually transmitted illnesses.1

Temporary negative effects from the morning-after pill include:1,2

Menstrual changes

Breast tenderness






You should observe that the morning-after pill loses effectiveness if vomiting occurs within 2 hrs of taking it if vomiting occurs, yet another dose is going to be needed.1 Once the morning-after pill can be used frequently, it may cause menstrual irregularities, for example irregular and unpredictable menses. There are more possibilities for consistent contraception.1

A mother is breastfeeding her baby.

Ulipristal acetate isn’t suggested for ladies who’re breastfeeding.

As the morning-after pill is usually safe, some women shouldn’t go. They include individuals who’ve an allergic reaction towards the pill’s components, take medications for example barbiturates or St. John’s wort, or while pregnant.2

Fetal results of ulipristal acetate aren’t known, which pill can also be not suggested to become taken by somebody that is breastfeeding. Levonorgestrel while pregnant isn’t dangerous – although it won’t be effective – because it is no abortion-inducing medication.2

If, after while using morning-after pill, you don’t have a menstrual flow within 3-4 days, it’s suggested that the pregnancy test be used.2

Contact your medical provider for those who have signs and symptoms of the ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, for example bleeding or recognizing that lasts more than per week, or severe lower abdominal discomfort 3-5 days after while using morning-after pill.2

ParaGard insertion

ParaGard IUD is 99.9% effective when placed from your provider within 120 hrs (five days) of getting unprotected sex.1

The additional advantage of ParaGard insertion is the fact that additionally to supplying emergency contraception, additionally, it can offer effective contraception for approximately 12 years.1

More information on IUDs along with other types of contraception are available in the Understanding Center article: Birth Control: Types, Effectiveness and Negative Effects.

Consult with your medical provider regarding your emergency contraception options and which is the best for you.

Recent developments on contraception from MNT news

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Not using modern contraception correctly or counting on conventional methods for example “withdrawal” and “fertility awareness” would be the reasons for most the 16.seven million undesirable pregnancies which are created across another from the world’s population, based on epidemiologists in the World Health Organization.

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