Low Magnesium Associated With Cardiovascular Disease

by on November 3, 2016

Low Magnesium Associated With Cardiovascular Disease


Low magnesium levels have been discovered is the best predictor of cardiovascular disease, resistant to the traditional thought that cholesterol or saturated fats take part in the greatest roles.

Research researcher Andrea Rosanoff, PhD., and her colleagues conducted an in depth overview of coronary disease research, using studies dating back 1937. The present review relies upon work which was began by Midred Seelig, MD, who studied the hyperlink between magnesium and coronary disease in excess of 4 decades.

Previous research shows low magnesium to become associated with all known cardiovascular risks like:

high bloodstream pressure

arterial plaque build-up

calcification of soppy tissues


hardening from the arterial blood vessels

What this means is the real offender of coronary disease continues to be low magnesium levels, while in the past, experts have blamed a higher-saturated fats diet and cholesterol.

Dr. Rosanoff stated:

“By 1957 low magnesium was proven to become, strongly, convincingly, a contributing factor to atherogenesis and also the calcification of soppy tissues. However this research was broadly and immediately overlooked as cholesterol and also the high saturated-fat diet grew to become the culprits to battle. Since this early ‘wrong turn’, increasingly more peer-reviewed studies have proven that low magnesium is connected with all of known cardiovascular risks, for example cholesterol and bloodstream pressure.”

Decades of elevated calcium intake haven’t been balanced with growing magnesium intake as well as in a U.S. population where most adults aren’t receiving their daily magnesium requirement, nutritional calcium-to-magnesium ratios are growing. Therefore research is revealing that supplements that aren’t in balance with magnesium, elevate the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, and Medical Advisory Board person in the nonprofit Dietary Magnesium Association (world wide web.nutritionalmagnesium.org), adds:

“That cholesterol isn’t the cause should be apparent, since cardiovascular disease remains the number 1 killer in the usa regardless of over 2 decades of statin use. The truth that lower levels of magnesium are connected with the risks and signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, heart arrhythmia, angina and cardiac arrest?can’t be overlooked evidence is a lot too compelling.”

Magnesium within our Everyday Diet

The present processed food diet that’s common within the U.S. is made of foods which are lower in magnesium along with other crucial nutrients. It’s because losses during processing and due to reduced magnesium levels in wheat and vegetables.

Legumes and nuts are wealthy in magnesium (Mg), nevertheless the processed food diet rarely includes both of these foods. Trying to avoid fats and calories to avoid cardiovascular disease, people frequently eliminate nuts using their diet, while they contain healthy fats along with a large supply of Mg.

Following a couple of generations of the low Mg diet, youthful moms who’re deficient in Mg will also be getting children who commence with low Mg – an ailment not frequently spoken about through the medical community. Furthermore, the demanding lifestyle occurring within the U.S. may also greatly increase requirement for Mg.

Because the modern process-food diet along with the demanding lifestyle spread around the world, an growing population are experiencing lower levels of Mg and growing amounts of coronary disease, based on the authors.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Emmy Award-winning host from the across the country syndicated talk show The Dr. Oz Show, and vice-chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia College states:

“Magnesium is important in order to regulate metabolic process, also it helps lower bloodstream pressure and dilate arterial blood vessels. Three from every four individuals watching [The Dr. Oz Show] at this time across this excellent country aren’t getting the quantity of magnesium that you’ll require. You’re magnesium deficient.”

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